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photography, like poetry, has always been the medium i use to understand the world.

mediums: iphone 14, dslr camera, picsart

skills: photo editing, photo manipulation

:that between-period, the after-covid but before-resumption of life. the year of 2021 swept me into the world of photography. everything was still empty, all actions seemed uncertain, like we were just learning how to walk, to talk, to be. constantly, we were facing walls.

My Creative Process.png

:the last few months of my senior year of high school,

i found myself constantly being struck with simmering waves of regret. i had this horrible epiphany that i've never understood who i was. in an effort to understand, i took pictures. 

:the comprehension of creativity and perception: what does a space that generates ideas look like? 


2020. Mira, age 13


2022.age 15

2021.age 14


:four years apart, christmas eve, sunset (approx. 5pm) first caught as a candid of my sister and my stepdad, then turned into a timeline to understand the long process of growth and childhood.

we watch, until it comes the time to try. 

2023.age 16

:i stretch time until it splits under my grasp. destructive, superficial, disposable.

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