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The Client?: Pilot G2 Gel Pen

The Issue?: It's a tech-obsessed world. Computers are replacing pens as writing tools and creative resources. Simply, pens are just pens to people. How do we make them choose Pilot?

The Insight: There is a small but mighty population of young creatives, just starting out in the industry, who swear by this fact: Great ideas are not born on the computer. 

The Idea: The Pilot Pen is the ultimate creative’s pen- with the smoothest execution, longest-lasting ink, and the sharpest nib. It is truly a machine, trustworthy and always successful in its performance, whatever you choose to do with it. Pilot is where your ideas are born.

* this project was done as spec work for a class at University of Oregon

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 3.54.41 PM.png



if the pilot pen is a machine, make it one. Pilot G2 x F1.


This audience wants to know that their ideas are important - that what they dream of will lead somewhere.

The ideation process might seem long and frustrating, and constantly their ideas are shut down.

Pilot pens are here to remind them that big things are coming out of what they put their heart into.

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alternative media installation: Lincoln Memorial

Art Director / Copywriter / Strategist: Kaia Mikulka

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